Sofa Dry Cleaning

Sofa Dry Cleaning

Keeping a couch clean and glossy is critical since it is one of the most important pieces of living room furniture you may own. We at Urban Cleaner are well aware of the following factors, which is why our services are so inexpensive. When it comes to affordable, high-quality couch cleaning services in Noida, go no further than Urban Cleaner. a service of the utmost caliber

Our team of specialists performs all tasks in a timely and professional manner. Once the treatment is completed, our professional cleaner will examine your couch and give you with a dirt-free, pristine, and nearly new-looking sofa. When it comes to couch cleaning in your neighborhood, we provide eco-friendly solvent washing, sofa sanitization, and sofa drying — all from the convenience of your front door.

To learn more about our sofa cleaning in Delhi NCR or other types of cleaning services, contact us by email or phone. We would be glad help you out.

Included in our solutions:

With our couch cleaning services, you can expect a three-step process that includes washing, vacuuming, and drying. Additionally, the sanitization procedure is used, which aids in sanitizing your couch before cleaning it completely.

Sofa cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment are used by us. This keeps your sofas clean while also restoring their original beauty to your couches. We also utilize the finest equipment so that you can receive the greatest results for the money you spend on our couch cleaning services.

Fabric sofa shampoo₹149 /per Seat
Dining chair₹119(per seat)
Small Cushion₹35(per cushion)
Middle Cushion₹125(per cushion)
Large Cushion₹175(per cushion)