Carpet Cleaning in South Extension

Carpet Cleaning in South Extension

The Types and Techniques of Carpet Deep Cleaning in South Extension 

Different carpets and situations need diverse techniques of cleaning. 

Carpets add to the aesthetics and also provide comfort and warmth to the homes in South Ex, but to keep them functional, you will need carpet deep cleaning in South Ex from professionals like us, Urban Cleaner. 

We know how much dust and dirt a carpet can trap over time and what consequences it might have on your well-being. So, we ensure the last spec of dirt is removed from the carpet with our advanced carpet deep cleaning techniques to ensure indoor air quality and the beauty of the carpets are restored.

Popular Steam Cleaning technique for carpet deep cleaning in South Extension

Also known as the Hot Water Extraction technique, the steam cleaning process is the most popular method of carpet deep cleaning in South Ex. In this process, our cleaners will spray a mixture of cleaning solution and hot water on the carpet. Allowing it to sit for some time, we use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, making it free from dirt, germs, allergens, and stains. This is a process that we believe reaches deep into the fibers of the carpet, which sanitizes and refreshes them.

Dry Cleaning Technique

Our professionals also specialize in dry carpet cleaning techniques. In this process, we use low moisture and special powders or cleaning compounds. 

We spread them generously over the entire carpet and work them through the fibers using special machines. This helps in encapsulating the stains and dirt on the carpet by the cleaning compound.

After some time, we remove the compound, along with the dust and dirt, using a vacuum cleaner.

Shampooing and Foam Cleaning 

A particular solution is used to create a foam that penetrates into the fibers of the carpet. We also ensure that it moves well into it by using special gadgets such as a rotary brush.

Allowing it to sit for some time, we rinse it thoroughly and then vacuum it to remove the dust and dirt.

This is a time-consuming process since it takes a lot of time to dry.

Bonnet Cleaning

Our name, Urban Cleaner, is also quite popular in the commercial sector. This is because we also offer bonnet cleaning. This is a specific type of carpet cleaning service in which we spray cleaning solutions on the carpet surface.

Then, while scrubbing the surface, we use a particular rotary machine. This machine comes with a bonnet or absorbent pad to absorb dust and dirt. 

Encapsulation Cleaning

In this process, we use unique cleaning solutions. Based on polymers, this solution crystallizes as it dries and forms a powder that encapsulates stains and dirt from the surface, which is then vacuumed away when dry.


No matter whichever method you choose or what is required, we ensure that every carpet deep cleaning method is effective and eco-friendly. That makes us different from the others.

Give us a call and learn more about the green cleaning methods we follow. Hire our services and contribute to the environment through our professional green carpet cleaning service.